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Professional Mosquito Magnet Trap Sales & Repairs

                          So You Don’t Have to Worry about                                                     Swarms of Irritating Mosquitoes

Welcome to the Mosquito Trap Store. We are a certified and factory trained repair and retail center for Mosquito Magnet Traps. Offering in warranty and out of warranty Mosquito Magnet repairs for our nation wide customers. Servicing Defender, Liberty, Patriot, Liberty Plus, Independence & Excutive models. We are committed to keeping your mosquito population in control with necessary tune ups, repairs, parts and accessories. We pride ourselves in quick turn around times and quality service with a 12 month parts and labor warranty.

Woodstream Corporation is the manufacture of Mosquito Magnets. There Mosquito Magnet technology has been scientifically proven to catch female biting mosquitoes. This interrupts there breeding cycles for a long term mosquito control solution. Like any mechanical appliance peak performance is achieved through proper operation, maintenance and or repairs as recommended. We specialize in helping you achieve peak performance from your Mosquito magnet through proper trap placement, seasonal tuneups and mosquito magnet repairs or reconditioning of your trap.

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Protect your family, pets, and guests from disease carrying Mosquitoes, with a Mosquito Magnet- Mosquito Trap...The Leading Long Term Scientifically Proven Mosquito Control Solution. Mosquito Magnet traps are scientifically proven to reduce Mosquitoes and Biting Insects from your yard. To get protection now call/text us at (888) 526-9407 today.

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